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Who We Are

The CEO Platform is a business leadership forum that brings together business leaders and champions of green growth to engage with regional and global policy makers to support the introduction of policies to promote green, sustainable growth in the region.

The program has been initiated by the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea (IMELS) − through the Italian Trust Fund (ITF) − and espouses regional ownership through its Founders and by partnering with prominent international and regional like-minded institutions and organizations that are committed to delivering a prosperous and green economy across MENA and beyond.


Why CEOs?

Business leaders have the competence, expertise and ambition needed to understand and influence government policy, and play a unique role in shaping high-level political discussions. This is crucial for a steady and accelerated progressive change. CEOs are also in a position to debate functionally and effectively with governments and other businesses to identify green growth patterns specific to their regions. CEOs are highly instrumental in mobilising the business community, which can be harnessed in building a thriving and sustainably driven economy.