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Academic and research partner


Bogazici University

Bogazici University’s vision is to achieve international excellence in education and research and to become a “green”, sustainable university.

The main tenets of its vision are to:

  • reinforce its capabilities in undergraduate education and to reach a similar level in graduate education;
  • increase its competitiveness in academic research and join the best research universities in the world; and
  • develop a “green” and sustainable campus.

The mission of the university is to:

  • educate individuals who endorse its institutional values, who respect ethical standards, who are environmentally conscious, who can think critically, and who, through their academic and cultural formation and self confidence, are versatile, creative and capable of being successfully employed in academic institutions and in the public or private sectors;
  • generate universal knowledge and contribute to critical thinking, science and technology while serving humanity; and
  • expand the scientific horizons of Turkey and contribute to the insitutionalisation of science, art and culture in society.


Bogazici University's Sustainable Development and Cleaner Production Center

Established in 2007, the university's Sustainable Development and Cleaner Production Center (SDCPC) promotes the sustainable development of the global community through the use of interdisciplinary knowledge and experience, and through innovative technology transfer in close cooperation with stakeholders. By facilitating the development and implementation of best practices and encouraging innovative teaching, research and collaboration on sustainable themes, the SDCPC helps the university campuses to benefit from the environmental, social and economic gains of sustainability.

The SDCPC is coordinated by full-time academic staff of the university.

Domestic and foreign-based organisations have indicated their support to the SDCPC and have appointed representatives.