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Addressing Regional Water Challenges

Nov 18, 2014 | News

Following up on results of the CEO Platform for Green Growth during MENA’s first roundtable discussion on water challenges and associated spillovers, held in Athens on October 28-30, the CEO Platform participated in the First Regional Conference of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) on Governance and Financing for the Mediterranean Water Sector.

The event set the ground for sharing experiences and best practices on governance and sustainable financing for the water sector, and allowed for the continuation of pivotal the Regional Policy Dialogue launched within the UfM project in May 2013. Those attending the regional conference, after addressing main bottlenecks and cross-cutting issues, highlighted the importance of strengthening the engagement between water and financing stakeholders and of fostering regional dialogue on governance and financing.

During a session titled “Regional Platforms for Water PSP in the Mediterranean”, Stefania Romano, Senior Expert for the Italian Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea (IMELS) and Chief of Operations for the CEO Platform, introduced the CEO Platform and its efforts to the gathered stakeholders.  Those convened acknowledged the role of robust initiatives such as the CEO Platform, which enshrines regional ownership while bringing together business leaders and regional and global policy makers to promote green growth, while also exploring and nurturing further synergies between actors and projects working towards advancing sustainable financing for water and sanitation services in Mediterranean-basin states and other MENA countries.

The next regional conference within the “Governance and Financing for the Mediterranean Water Sector” project will take place in mid-2015, following up on the conclusions of the first conference and sharing the findings of project work and national policy dialogues.