Dr. Malek Kabariti

Former Energy Minister - Jordan

Dr. Malek Kabariti is the former Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. 

During his tenure, a comprehensive picture of the challenges related to renewable resources and energy efficiency for Jordan was outlined, underlining the importance of regional energy cooperation as an effective instrument for building common views, coordinating policies and developing projects and partnerships. He was also pivotal in Jordan’s hosting of the High-Level Meeting on Sustainable Energy in the Middle East and North Africa: Renewables, Efficiency and Regional Cooperation which led to the adoption of the Declaration on Sustainable Energy in the MENA Region of 2013.

Dr. Kabariti  also served as chairman of the National Electric Power Company and president of the National Energy Research Centre as well as vice president of the Asian Energy Institute, and was a board member of the Egypt-based Arab Decision Makers group. Dr. Kabariti holds an MA in mechanical engineering from West Virginia University and a BSc from the University of Texas.